Grocery Shopping on $60 or Less


I’ve been cooking on and off, but it’s been difficult as my fresh ingredients run low. After taking stock of my staples, I noticed I’m running pretty damn dry. I’m a little conflicted because on one hand, I’d like to have everything here to save money in the long run. But then again, I’ll be moving out of here by August (possibly sooner), so I don’t want TOO much stuff.

I tried to split my grocery budget among staples, fresh foods, and “damn I just really like that.” Every Wednesday I check the weekly grocery flyer and plan a few meals based on that. Here’s what I came up with, and where I saved money in italics.

Meals planned:

Taco Salad
Greek Marinated Chicken
Couscous w/ roasted vegetables
Salada Russo
English Muffin Pizzas

Shopping List

Doritos: $2.50 (@2/$5)
Generic Chili Powder: $2.19
Generic Nutmeg: $4.49
Chicken Broth (2): $2.78
Eggland’s Large Eggs: $4.19
Hunt’s Tomato Sauce: $2 (@4/$2)
Generic Black Beans: ($0.99)
Generic Apple Sauce: $2.49
Generic Mozzarella Cheese: $2.49
Near East Couscous: $4.58
Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut Butter: $5 (@2/$5)
Generic Plain Yogurt: $4.49
Smucker’s Strawberry Jelly: $2.99
Gala Apple: $0.80
Blueberries: $1.99
Carrots: $1.99
Celery: $1.99
Raspberries: $1.99
Red Onion: $0.98
Romaine Lettuce: $0.99
Perdue Chicken Breast: $6.87
English Muffins: $0.00 (taken off due to pricing discrepancy)

TOTAL plus tax: $58.78

Grocery Shopping on $60 or Less

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